Sunday, February 5, 2017

February MLC - Schedules and Such!

We stepped up MLC so we wouldn't have a rush through Missionary Leadership Council then Zone Conference the next day.  Thus, the last day of January was the chosen day.  We had a great review of the Worldwide Broadcast and new directives we are excited about.  Change is hard!  Change is good!  Schedules are a big change.  Our missionaries will now be able to use their agency during a given day to determine what times they will get everything done.  This can be frightening.  As one of our missionaries told me, "It's Hard to Use Our Agency!"  These are skills that they will take with them after the mission.  We are grateful to leaders who have vision (even though it makes us a bit nervous).  It is always great to be with our leaders.  As we go about the mission during interviews, it is clear that the leaders have taught the missionaries well.  It is a grand way to make the mission work smoothly.  We love our missionaries!  The changes remind me of a quote by M. Russell Ballard; "Make the decision to do what Jesus Christ has asked you to do."  


 We gathered as many as we could after the meeting.  While it's not all of our council, you can see that they are smiling, armed and ready to go out and do great things!  

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  1. Looking forward to the ZONE CONFERECE PICS ❤️


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