Thursday, January 19, 2017


Another 6 weeks have gone and we said goodbye to eleven more missionaries from the Angeles mission.  In their own ways they have given so much.  They gave of themselves to be a missionary.  They sacrificed their time.  They shared their talents with others.  They had courage to work with all of their heart, might, mind and strength.  They left all things familiar to step into the unknown with faith.  Because of this their families were blessed as were those that they met along their paths.  They strengthened their testimonies by searching, teaching, sharing and testifying.  The three words presented to this group were:
These missionaries were asked to go home and continue to give of themselves.  Matthew 10:8 says, "...Freely ye have received, freely give."  Our prayer for them is to be like the little stream that they learn in Primary, "Give 'o give away." 

Farewell dear ones until we meet again....

                                          OOPS this is Sister Juanlan - I will correct it later.

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