Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

Mission Leadership Council took place on a Thursday this month.  Since "All Saints Day" was on Tuesday, we wanted to keep the missionaries off the roads.  It was a great day to meet.  Sister Clark came down realizing that missionaries had arrived.  The sight she encountered was definitely tender.  It was quiet and the missionaries were all doing their personal studies.  They knew their purpose and didn't want to waste any time before the meeting began.  

Training was great.  It was the first time this team of assistants have taught together.  They really prepared and did a great job inspiring our missionaries on ways to plan better.  The Friday schedule was even tweaked to make for a better planning session.  We also learned about praying for one another in our districts and zones. 

And just like was time to go.  A jeepney and the van were the mode of transportation so that everyone would return to their areas.  On Saturday they will masterfully teach all of their zone mates the information they have learned today.  

We can't finish this post without mentioning other historical news of the day.  The Chicago Cubs won the World Series today!  The spell has been broken and the 108 year drought is over!  It's a great day for people all over the world who were cheering for the Cubbies. Although our missionaries seemed underwhelmed by the news, they were good sports to congratulate us!

We LOVE our missionaries!

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