Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OCTOBER: Meetings, Visitors, FHE and Typhoons!

The beginning of the month is always enjoyed as we get to meet with our Missionary Leadership Council.  This was no exception.
The sisters met to discuss concerns that would be beneficial to discuss at our upcoming Sisters Conference.  We only had a week to pull things together and this meeting was helpful to complete our see what the greatest needs in our mission are right now.

Farewell picture before going back to their areas to report what they learned to their Zones.

We were excited to have our very dear friends, Les and Jan Saumweber visit us. When we moved to Naperville, Illinois, we found ourselves miles away from family. They jumped in and became our substitute family.  That was 20 years ago and we continue to count them as dear, dear family friends! 

During our morning walk, Jan pointed out some natures beauty that we haven't ever noticed.  The intricate spider webs are quite an amazing sight.  
Any quesses?  The bushes in our front yard started looking pretty bleak.  There was plenty of rain coming so we knew that wasn't the problem.  The yard people began digging and found these grubs.  The roots were being eaten by the grubs so the grubs were very healthy looking.  I guess that was fortunate for our yard workers because they were looking forward to cooking them with tomato sauce and enjoying a tasty dinner.  I guess they don't need grub-x in the Philippines.

On Monday after Sisters Conference, we had a family home evening with members and investigators of Tarlac Ward 5.  Les shared many special thoughts about their journey before and after finding the gospel.  
Everyone loved the Spirit that accompanied this special event.


After the Sisters Conference, Zone Interview and Family Home Evening, we journeyed to Beautiful Baler.  

On the heels of our Baler trip, we received a wonderful gift!  The gift of another Senior Couple!  Even better, this is a couple that we share our grandchildren with.  Elder Dony and Sister Sheila Spung are now serving in the Philippines Angeles Mission.  The missionaries love them and they are a wonderful addition to our mission team.

Senior Couples plus treasured friends make for a lovely evening spent.


The Filipino history is rich in culture.  Every year many of the stakes and districts in the Angeles Mission have events where there are dances performed that tell a story about their heritage.  I've been out of town for the past two events in Tarlac.  This year, I made it!  The costumes were so fun but the dancing as the sisters put their heart and soul into them was amazing.  Each ward or branch performed a dance.  I wish I would have videotaped the entire afternoon.


Just to make October more exciting, we were whirled into the outer bands of two typhoons.  Luckily we were spared any destruction.  Mostly water and wind that was definitely manageable.  Let's hope they are finished for the season!

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