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Mission Tour 2016 - Elder Allen D. Haynie and Sister Deborah R. Haynie

The Philippines Angeles Mission was honored to have Elder Allen D. Haynie and Sister Deborah R. Haynie perform our annual mission tour.   Elder Haynie is a Seventy and the 2nd counselor in the Philippines Area Presidency.  They come from San Diego, CA and have been in the Philippines about one year.  The tour went from May 3rd through May 5th. This is the third mission tour we have enjoyed since we arrived.  The teachings and spiritual uplift brought by our visiting authorities are always exceptional.

The Haynie's arrived on Tuesday around noon.  
After lunch we convened our Mission Leadership Council for training and counsel.
The Clark's taught Leadership by going through the song, "Lord, I Would Follow Thee."  
This is a great hymn to identify leadership traits.
Elder Haynie reminded our leaders to desire more than ever to be better leaders.  The Formula for Success is 1. Spiritual work (Holy Ghost) 2. Obedience 3. Work 4. Love
10 things a mission needs:
1. Desire/Purpose 2. Vision Success 3. Faith to Baptize 4. Confidence 5. Obedience 6. Identity 7. Unity 8. No excuses 9. Companionship Unity 10. Finding Joy in the Work 

The first of two half-mission conferences was held in Cabanatuan on May 4th.  Some highlights were:

Double Quartet singing:  "Brightly Beams"  - It was beautifully sung by Elders Sowata, Swaney, Flores, Apolinario, Dela Cruz, Haddad, Pulu and Rameka.  
Elder Farish conducted and Sister Fabillar accompanied on the piano.

Sister Clark:
Cherish means:
 1. To treat with tenderness and affection. 2. To nurture with care; to foster. 3. To hold dear; to indulge; to encourage.

One might consider cherishing to be a Christ-like attribute.  Consider cherishing your mission more deeply, more frequently and more passionately.  Here are three parts of your mission life that every missionary should cherish.  

1. Cherish your Purpose 
2. Cherish the People 
3. Cherish the Privilege of your calling
 Pres. Monson said, "The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it." 
"There is no tomorrow to remember if we don't do something today, and to live most fully today, we must do that which is of greatest importance."   

President Clark:
Be Worthy and Willing.
The temple recommend interview asks 15 questions.  There are 3 categories:
1-4 Testimony and faith questions
5-13 Individual conduct
14-15 Questions of conscience
President Clark taught this as a great way of recognizing pattern - D&C 52:14

Sister Haynie:
Keep your eyes on the Savior.  If you look away, the Atonement is real and will come into play.  We are called to serve in place of the Savior.

Elder Haynie:
We had a great discussion on why we have meetings.  
Moroni 6:5-6 and D&C 43:8-10
Revelation in a group is different then revelation on your own. 
When the Spirit prompts you, you need to bind yourself to act. You go to meetings to feel sanctified.  That's why we go to a lifetime of meetings.

Scattered Israel Keeps Commitments
Prayer - D&C 50:29-30 
Having a divine conversation with a perfect parent.  We have equal claim to blessings that Christ has.
We unpacked Moses 6 and thought about ourselves as we related to Enoch.
Moses 6:27 is our Mission call envelope.
This was a great discussion.


  Wednesday evening we had a group of new members from the Tarlac Stake come to the Mission home for a fireside.  We didn't know exactly how many would come and once they started arriving, they kept coming and coming.  It was a great group including many children.  I was amazed at how quiet they were.  Elder and Sister Haynie shared encouragement for the new members and taught them how to stay on the covenant path of the gospel.
President Clark helped taught with the "helium stick" visual aid.  Sadly, the stick would only go up and never went down.
 A grand group with the Elder and Sister Haynie, senior couples, missionaries, new members and some of our neighbor friends.

Tarlac-side Missionaries gathered on Thursday morning.  When President spoke he asked the missionaries who loved them.  They all quickly responded "the Savior and President and Sister Clark".  He asked them to show the evidence of it.  The missionaries removed their name badges to reveal the hearts that were just placed on the back.  Sister Clark had placed a heart on each of their badges when we visited them during quarterly interviews.  It was a joy to see them show them off.

Sister Double Quartet:  "Come Thou Fount"
Sisters Baer, Constantino, Driggs, Remund, Hansen, Tekkai, Borrowman and Aries with Sister Rudd conducting and Sister Allen playing the piano.  It sounded heavenly!  

Each group of missionaries had QUESTION and ANSWER with Elder Haynie.  It was a tender moment when the missionary could ask anything on his/her mind.  The questions were varied such as "What's better, happiness or peace."  
"How do we make correct decisions in life?" 
"How can I have faith unshaken?"
The question and answer session was a very spiritual and uplifting time for us all.


 We will cherish the time we spent with the Elder and Sister Haynie and the many things we learned from them.

After the mission tour it's catch up time!  We sure love you President Clark!!!

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