Sunday, February 1, 2015

Then They Were Gone ---- Batch #5

January 27, 2015
This happens every 6 weeks.  You would think I would get prepared for the exit of faithful missionaries who have served well.  It continues to be a bitter-sweet goodbye.  I'm so happy for them but they'll be terribly missed.  This is the first time we've lost a senior couple.  The Lund's have done so much good for the people of Baler.  Their presence will be greatly missed!

 Farewell Lund's
 The following are pictures of the down time when our missionaries were allowed to enter their binders and contemplate on many moments during their mission.  

 Our Final Family Home Evening together: 

  I don't think that they are excited thinking about where they will be in about 24 hours.

 This is the 5th Batch we've had to say goodbye to.
 Elder Cutler and Elder Kadamira had families pick them up.  Elder Cutler's twin brother was picked up from serving a mission in Thailand.  That is always an emotional reunion. 
 Cutler's above - Kadamira's below
 We said goodbye to two of missionaries who were Assistants to us.  They were the lifesavers we needed to get us through the beginning months.  Elder Mabalot and Elder Watkins are great replacements.  We don't know what we'd do without them!  
They loaded up.....

then they were gone.  Fortunately, the memories linger on.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants!  Now go home and do great things!

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