Monday, September 8, 2014

A Little Rain Must Fall.....

It is a fact of life.  The rainy season is upon us in the Philippines.
It was a week that was supposed to be one of catch-up on things
left undone.  Somehow it didn't turn out to be such.  Instead we had many
difficult situations that arose.  There was a wide variety of
missionary illnesses.  I could scarcely get off one call before
another would come.  Some days are like that.

 Luckily a new day comes... the sunshine fills the 
land... and our souls. There are far more sunny days than grey days
in our mission and in the Philippines.  Even the grey days are not that bad.
There is always open sunshine somewhere beyond the horizon.
That's the nature of living on an island in the Pacific
and in serving a mission with 250 young people.
The proof that hope springs eternal and that grey days will pass by
is in new life.  The rainy season of the Philippines brings new
life to this beautiful nation.
For us a new grandchild bring new life to our family.

We received word that our 6th grandchild was born.
She is fresh from heaven and into the arms of her mother and father.
While my arms ache to hold her, I know President Clark and I 
are just where we are meant to be.
We are in love!!!!

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  1. Little Claire truly is a beautiful gift from heaven --- and I loved holding my new little great-granddaughter. I enjoyed it enough for you also, Sandy. We love the photos!


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